OCEAN Import and Export

By Rosemaria Kostic Cisneros

Climate justice is directly related to racial justice. 

Published date

13 June 2023

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Ocean: Import&Export is a screendance piece that forms part of a trilogy.

This film is part two: 1) LifeStrings (2020); 2) Ocean: Import and Export (May 2023) The project focuses on climate change, trauma, and cultural heritage, and draws on Roma feminism.

Dancers: Rosa Cisneros and Yasemin-Anaya Cisneros

Sengun Choreographer: Rosa Cisneros

Videographer and Drone work: Maria Polodeanu

Editing: Maria Polodeanu and Rosa Cisneros

Music: Maestro Espada “Estrellica”

Each film uses flamenco and contemporary dance vocabulary. Ocean:Import&Export includes some BSL words in the work and has a focus on ocean conservation. Scientific research on the climate emergency has underpinned this film. Climate justice is directly related to
racial justice.


It can take hundreds of years for plastic to degrade, and research shows that it does not degrade but becomes microplastic. -The majority of plastic pollution in the ocean is caused by littering: we buy or use disposable plastic items (food wrappings, plastic bags, razors, bottles, etc.) -Plastic waste makes up 80% of all marine pollution and around 8 to 10 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year. -Research states that, by 2050, plastic will likely outweigh all fish in the sea. In the last ten years, we have produced more plastic products than in the previous century.

*Source: UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceangraphic Commission (2022)

This exhibition on climate justice, maps and cultures was co-created by Roma and non-Roma young people, families, community connectors and schools.

The young people helped make the maps using fabric and e-waste. We discussed power dynamics in relation to maps, reflecting on how big Africa is but observing how it is depicted in standard maps. 

Plastic in oceans and the climate emergency was also explored.

The exhibition was diplayed at the Migration Matters Festival June 2023. 


Rosemaria Kostic Cisneros


I am an artist, researcher, consultant and filmmaker of mixed ethnic background.  I am the director of RosaSenCis film production company, which aims to create inclusive and accessible resources and teaching guides. I mobilise my skills as a Flamenco dance artist, filmmaker and writer to make spaces for those often excluded from the academic community, in particular the Roma community.

I enjoy interdisciplinary and collaborative modes of working. The combination of the practical and the theoretical underpins all of my research interests and I seek to create synergies by bringing people together. Working with vulnerable groups and using the arts and education to engage communities and move them towards a more inclusive society is what I hope to achieve with my academic research. Cultural heritage and digital technologies are also key parts of my current practice.

Photocredit KoZin Photography

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